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Missy Husereau

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I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator specializing in illustration, typography, custom lettering, branding, and print materials. My practice allows for exploration of eclectic media processes, and I love working in a variety of other mediums such as printmaking or ceramics. As a freelancer, I’ve worked with individuals and small organizations to help make their vision come to life. My dream is to have my own studio that offers work in a variety of mediums tailored to my varying skills and interests. In the meantime, I’d love to create more illlustrative materials for entertainment like posters and book covers, as well as package design.

My other interests include feeding my other passion for music through playing the french horn and teaching all things visual with high school marching bands. I love drum corps, baking, good coffee, movies, and dogs. I also find joy in collecting handmade ceramics. ︎

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