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STARS Nashville Mail-Piece | Student Group Project


Project Objective

A mail-piece group project for the non-profit organization STARS Nashville. In my group, I was in an art director role, Miguel Cherubini was a senior designer, and Brianna Soto, and Matt Hemby were junior designers.

We came up with the idea of joining STARS Nashville together with the Color Run as a fundraiser for the non-profit organization in order to raise awareness in the community and promote the different programs that STARS has to offer in order to help youth break through social barriers they may face. The Color Run is a fun, family-friendly event, and we felt that it was a nice pair with STARS’s mission.

Process - I asked each of us to brainstorm and sketch ideas for the theme of our mail piece. From there, I had each of us pick our top two choices for a direction, and voted for our favorite. I then solidified the direction and assigned roles based on strengths and interests within the group. We each had a hand in designing, printing, or assembling the final product. We then presented our mailpiece to the class as if we were presenting the final concept to the client.

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