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Senior recital posters | Commission Work

Project Objective

A set of senior recital posters for a couple of music majors. The two wanted individual posters that related to each other thematically, as well as a combined poster that showed their back-to-back scheduled performances were intentional. The two made their recitals a big event and wanted to grill out together with their guests afterward since they have many mutual friends, so it was important to them to make the individual posters like two parts that came together to create a combined whole poster. Both posters include three color variations stacked on one another–one CMY(K) and the other RGB; one poster has a black background and the other a white. In the combined poster, the idea was to have a merging of the two color schemes from the individual posters as the background and have the black and white be represented in the corressponding instruments.

All instrument photography by me.
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