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Vortex Indoor Winds 2023 Show “Setlist” Logo | Commission Project


Project Objective

For Vortex Indoor Winds’ 2023 show, “Setlist,” the central theme is that the members are going to a venue to play a gig. The music is very modern—no narrative structure. I was asked to create a show identity that reflected that, either things that you’d see at a show (stage lights, sound equipment, etc.) or a set list of the three songs they’re playing. I drew up some concepts, and one of them was a gig poster or flyer for a show. I hand illustrated custom type for the show title that could be used within the gig poster as well as on its own as a wordmark logo. The funky, cutout-like shapes and fun, bright colors reference the modern, jazz-fusion music used for the show while taking inspiration from traditional jazz album artwork and design.


Show Identity – Gig Poster


Wordmark Logo


Process Sketches 

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