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“Future Ruins” Vortex Winds 2022 show logo | Commission Work


Project Objective

“What makes our lives meaningful? We are drawn to build things—skyscrapers, monuments, statues—hoping that they will stand forever… but do these creations make us happy? Everything physical will eventually crumble, becoming ruin and dust. What, then, are we left with? Perhaps we should instead turn to the people around us, and look for love, emotion, and connection to find meaning.”

Taking this storyline for the 2022 Vortex Winds show, I wanted to create a logo that represented the different elements of the story. After a few sketches,
I thought about tarot cards and how they tell a prophecy.

The tarot card-inspired logo features a guitar and hands of the main character “the bard.” The hands look soft and inviting, drawing the viewer in to hear what the bard has to say. The neck of the guitar is made to look like a column that is crumbling and cracking at the top. The phases of the moon lay on the guitar to illustrate the passing of time, and the  broken string represents an end to the idealization of these physical things. The sparkles coming from the broken string offer a visual representation of a glimmer of hope—the realization that something better and more meaningful is possible.

The process for this project included rough sketches, narrowed down to desired look to make into a vectorized illustration with adjustments, the final chosen logo, and the color options for the finalized logo.

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Rough Sketches 


Refined Sketches


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 Vectorized Logos

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